Origin of humankind – what do Germans believe?

Do humankind and apes have the same ancestors or is humankind created by god as written in the Bible? What do Germans believe?

In a survey conducted in West Germany in 1970, 40% of the respondents said that they don’t believe in humans and apes having the same ancestors. On the other hand 38% did believe in it.

As reported by the Humanistic News Service (hpd) the Institute for public opinion of Allensbach (IfD) recently conducted a survey to answer this question for nowadays. The result shows significant changes within the last 39 years. Now 63% of the Germans believe in the deduction induced by the evolution theory. Only 20% still believe in the creationist claim and 19% don’t know for sure.
Interesting is the fact that even a considerable majority from protestant or catholic Germans don’t believe in the human’s creation by god as claimed in the Bible.