Günther Jauch and the ethics

Till last Easter weekend, Günther Jauch was just a good entertainer and generous donator for me.  Now this impression changed radically after I had to hear the radio spots for the radical religious education movement „Pro Reli“. This civil movement wants to change Berlin’s education system regarding religious education. At the moment, all pupils of secondary schools in Berlin are taught in an compulsive ethics course. Additionally they can subscribe to a religion course of the religion they prefer.

The „Pro Reli“ movement wants to change the law so that pupils will have to choose between the general ethics course and a special religion course. Because of financial and practical constraints it will hardly be possible that they will be able to subscribe to both courses in this case.

Günther Jauch supports this idea and says in one radio spot that in a diverse town like Berlin it is not good to have a general ethics for all groups of people. The logical conclusion of this statement is, that everybody can have an own ethics. So if anybody prefers to kill witches or women who want to live their own live beyond family tradition, it will be okay. Different ethics fit to the logic of „Pro Reli“. Ensuring a common understanding of a peaceful and tolerant living together is not necessary in their opinion.

The referendum is on 26th April. I just can hope that the citizens of Berlin will vote for the much more reasonable decision of „Pro Ethik„.