Non-religious people are better Christians?

In November 2009, the people of Switzerland were asked to take a public referendum against the building of minarets in Switzerland. In contrast to the expectations of most people the referendum was accepted. Big question marks followed: What does that mean? Is Switzerland xenophobic? Is Switzerland islamophobic? Why did people vote for the referendum?

To shed some light on such questions a survey was conducted after the referendum. Such surveys are common in Switzerland since 1977. They are called „VOX analysis“. And the recent survey revealed a very interesting finding: The majority of the Swiss Christians voted for the referendum even though the officials from the protestant and catholic churches supported voting against the referendum. The majority of the non-religious people in turn voted against the referendum.

Does this mean that non-religious people are better Christians?

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  1. I wouldn’t say that non-religious people are better Christians. Maybe many of them are better fellow citizens because they are more tolerant.

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