Ruins on Kickelhahn

Since 2004 you can see the fundament of an old hunting lodge which was used by the former nobility around 250 years ago on top of the hill „Kickelhahn“. This hill is one of the attractions in Ilmenau and it is visited by hundreds of drunken students for Bierathlon every year in May. Although this hill is known by almost all students who are willing to leave their room to get a fresh breath I guess these ruins are unknown to most of them. Even the German wikipedia did not mention it before I added the information.

That’s why I want to provide some pictures to increase its publicity. So, I took my bike, went up the hill and took some photos. When riding down I stopped to eat some tasty blueberries which grow next to the track.

More photos are provided in my facebook profile.

Actually, to post in English is a bit counterproductive but I do it anyway.