The biggest Phallus for Middle East

Prince Al-Walid bin Talal had the idea to build the biggest Phallus symbol the world has seen so far. It is called „Mile High Tower“ and is planned to be 1.600m high. What a symbol of archaic male dominance and desired virility! To complete this picture it will have two smaller towers beside which are meant to support its rigidity: the stylized balls. It is ridiculous!

Anyway, besides such useless towers the world doesn’t need there are towers which really have a purpose: Solar updraft towers. These are hollow towers with 1.000m or higher. They are meant for generating renewable energy by using convection effect: heated by the sun warm air rises inside the tower and drives turbines. One 400MW solar power tower is planned in Namibia.

Why don’t they build such a Phallus!?

German sources: