Extraterrestrials, the Good, and the Evil

Once in literature and cinema, humankind was the good and all evil came from outside earth.
A famous example for the vicious extraterrestial  invaders is Wells‘ famous „War of the Worlds“ from 1898. And with „Independence Day“ from 1996 this plot was still showing its relevance in entertainment.

But what happened meanwhile and where are we now?

A famous example of a harmonious cohabit of humans and aliens is Rodenberry’s „Star Trek“ universe which had it’s great moments in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Likable single individuals like „E.T.“ or „Alf“ show upped additionally.

But recently there seems to be a 180° turn from the original enactment 100 years ago. Humankind became the evil who invade other worlds and kill poor aliens. It’s „District 9“ where humans suppress accidently grounded star travellers and in „Avatar“ humans invade and loot a whole planet.

That’s a very interesting trend!